It’s Official

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I am now listed on the nationwide “Gimme your fuckin’ kidney” network, which will allow Rogosin to go ahead and begin testing my donor.

Hurry the fuck up, please.

  • I hope that’s the last i to dot and tee to cross

  • Good luck – I am wishing you a shiny new kidney for Christmas.

    • Red and shiny!

    • When a friend got breast implants, we threw her a “Breat Warming Party” (and yes, we all got to feel her tits)… Makes me wonder what one might do for a “Kidney Warming Party”.

      • I suppose we could draw straws to see who will fall on a sword and donate his/her pancreas? 😉

  • Congrats on the progress.
    I understand you can’t help but be impatient but don’t waste this time. It’s your best opportunity to get in to better shape before surgery. If you take advantage of this time, you make your recovery that much faster and improve the odds of success. Best of everything.

  • Thank Heavens…

    It is amazing how paper can delay such important things.

    Here is hoping that things go speedily and without incident from this point forward…

    but…should we make up new carols for you?

    “Here comes kidney clause, here comes kidney clause right up translplant me lane”?

    “deck the halls with Flagg’s new kidney…falalalala lala la la”

    “Have yourself a merry little kidney…”

    or for Channukah…

    “Kidney kidney kidney…i waited all these days…kidney kidney kidney…I’ll care for you always”

    I truly do hope it goes quickly and that you are soon well on your way to recovery…

    warm regards.