I have not been able to say this in a long time:

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I had a good day, and thanks to my brothers, am going to bed happy.

Thanks also to Sweetcandymike, who continues to win my respect.

And to the jackass sitting next to me during the meeting, for reminding me how badly some people need to be removed from society and set adrift on the jackass ice flow- thank you for making the rest of us look so good.

Yah. Is good.

  • Flagg in action…

    Damn good stuff.
    My thanks to you as well.

  • YAY! That is a wonderful thing to read. Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope, in the near future, it will be one of many.

  • Glad to hear it. You certainly deserve a good day. I hope there are many many more to come.

  • Wonderful to hear you sounding s’damned pleased with life, sahib.

  • Ya! Totally!

    • You and Mike make a great presenting team. I hope I’ll get to see you both do something for the general population of TES (i.e., something I can attend!) in the future. Sounds like it went really well, and I’m glad it was a mostly good experience for you.

  • Thanks for braving the elements to make it – to be blunt, the fact that you and Mike were going to be there was the reason for my attendance. It was great for me to hear you.

  • Thanks for adding Me Flagg and I agree with sue, I hope you guys do something again soon so FEMALES can enjoy you both. I got a hug the last time I saw Mike, who knows what might be coming next… he he

  • That is AWESOME!!!

    Happy holidays Flagg – may the new year bring you strength, health ….I believe you hale and hearty is on everyone’s wish list!

    regards on this longest night…we will dance and drum for you here in TN!