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it’s been a good couple of days, despite my lack of sleep. I was able to spend time with my oldest friend, and then today Soulhuntre and Kimiko came to visit and help out; Soul and I grooved on Tarantino’s Death Proof, which is hilarious (feet, feet, feet). Later, Girlfriday79 and Irishlass came to hang out awhile- a nice change, good gossip, great company- and guilt, as I catch up on the cannabalism afflicting the leadership of a group of some importance to me. Worse yet, I had to resign my position just in time for a man I consider a friend and peer to inherit this mess.

I’m sorry, hoss. I really am.


Tyler Durden had the right idea. Sometimes, things have to burn.

Tomorrow my oldest friend returns. We don’t see enough of each other, I really miss him. We’ll work on our Heavy Metal stories and enjoy each other’s company.

It will be good.