• I am sorry to hear it.

    However, while that option is no longer an option, and thus this particular attempt may be over: “it” is most certainly not over.

    Did they give a reason?

  • Oh shit! Jesus Flagg I am so sorry. What are the chances of one coming up in the donor registry???

  • That sucks.

    It is NOT over. Getting Nicole’s kidney isn’t an option, but it isn’t all over. You are on the list for receiving a transplant, yes? Do you have a medical team working with you?

    Grieve for awhile and then pick yourself up again. You don’t have any choice.

  • I am so sorry to hear that, Flagg.

  • (((HUGS)))

    That sucks. Are you still on the transplant waiting list? You might still get an anonymous donor – you never know.

    (((HUGS))) again.

  • That so utterly sucks …

  • That’s terrible.

  • that totally sucks. I’m sorry Flagg. I’ll keep thinking good thoughts that one comes through on the national donor list.

  • Very sorry to hear it. I am buying a lottery ticket in your honor tonight – never give up hope.

  • It ain’t over until you are singing your “happy new kidney” song. Please don’t give up, Flagg. Lots of people, including me, are pulling for you.

  • Who do I call to see if my kidnew is compatible?

    • my thoughts exactly…what is the basic criteria and how do we know if it is even a thought of a match?

  • Fuck.

  • I’m so sorry Flagg. It ain’t over yet. Don’t lose hope…I’m pulling for you too.