A prayer to my Mother; a gift from a friend

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“Bow to Mahakali if you see a vulture, a she-jackal, a raven, an
osprey, a hawk, a crow or a black cat, saying: ‘O Origin of all,
greatly terrifying one, with dishevelled hair, fond of flesh
offering, charming one of Kulachara, I bow to you, Shankara’s beloved! ‘ “

“O Mother, even a dullard becomes a poet who meditates upon thee
raimented with space, three-eyed, creatrix of the three worlds, whose
waist is beautiful with a girdle made of numbers of dead men’s arms,
and who on the breast of a corpse, as thy couch in the cremation
ground, enjoyest Mahakala
.” — Karpuradistotra, VII (Woodroffe tr)

“I am Great Nature, consciousness, bliss, the quintessence, devotedly
praised. Where I am, there are no Brahma, Hara, Shambhu or other
devas, nor is there creation, maintenance or dissolution. Where I am,
there is no attachment, happiness, sadness, liberation, goodness,
faith, atheism, guru or disciple.”
— Kulachudamani