Out of the Blue

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Phone rings. It’s the Rogosin transplant clinic.

“We wanted to tell you that your donor has passed screening so we’d like to make an appointment for you both to come in.”


I’m confused as we start discussing dates, I’m on autopilot. I finally connect two synapses, and ask “Um… which donor are we speaking of?”

She tells me. I had no idea this person was even getting tested, much less had gone through at least the initial screening process already. This came as a total surprise.

We have not spoken yet- I don’t even know if she is aware i know- and Rogosin is leaving it to me to tell her the news. I’ll give more details after we’ve spoken, I have more info… and my head stops spinning.

  • Congradulations!

  • truly wonderful news!

  • OMG!!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!!

  • I’m hoping for the best for you.

  • That’s awesome, in every meaning of the word.

  • WHOO – HOOOOO!!!

  • That is wonderful news!

  • Awesome!

  • YAY!!!!

    Awesome news…what a fabulous Valentines day prezzie!!!

  • Well it looks like your roller coaster is on the upswing.

    I will send every single iota of positive energy I have winging your way. Your good news gave out a sort of wonderful positive vibration, which is good because My vibrator is out of batteries… he he

    Good luck and congratulations on wonderful news.

    Happy Valentines

    Kiss Kiss


    • So does that mean it’s a for sure thing if the donor doesn’t back out? Or is the testing just starting?

      I hope you get to feast on a new kidney!

      • Not at all…

        She’s only gone through a phone screening. Thursday we go for the first blood test. That will tell us if we should bother doing any further testing. Nothing is certain- it’s just a chance.

        • Re: Not at all…

          Pulling for you!

  • Wonderful news! I’ll keep a good thought for you both…