Another Good Day

In The Doubtful Guest by flagg4 Comments

Today was spent brainstorming with Soulhuntre and Lone_Wolf on the Seminar project- a six week course on Dominance and Protocol.

It’s coming together- it’s tight, it’s real.

It’s the  best thing we’ve ever done.

If we see this through- and we will- I think it’s going to matter. It feels very, very right. And it feels good to be thinking, writing, teaching, doing again- to find out that Flagg was not dead-

He was only sleeping.

Wakey wakey. There are some boots that need wearing…. and asses to kick.

  • I can always tell Spring is coming…not by any small, ground-burrowing critter’s magical appearance, but by the far more reliable source of the sound of tattered wings unfurling and that silent cry that is felt deep in the bones that causes all who bear the mark of caine to look at the dark corners of their souls and shudder with a heady mix of fear and rejoicing …Spring is coming – Flagg has returned.

    welcome back.

  • Good to see you up and ready to go. 🙂

  • It is a beautiful and terrifying thing that the return of Flagg can make me shiver even though I’m 3,000 miles away from where he is 🙂