Must be seen to be believed:

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OK, one last video….
This is footage from a Phillipine prison yard, where the Warden has…. alternate rehabilitation ideas.
The best part of this is knowing it’s happening at gunpoint.

  • you can’t help but wonder if the poor ‘girl’ is a volunteer…and if the guns had to be used to put a stop to the final ‘attack’

    thank you for again making me question the darkness within.

    • I suspect…

      … that it did wonders for his popularity. Queen of the Prom, come shower time.

      • Re: I suspect…

        that slapping sound echoing off the tile…the water muffling the grunts…the pinkish spilloff…

        i wonder if he gets a tiara?

  • We watched this a few months ago when a friend hosted a Zombiepalooza party. We also found … this. If you can imagine Michael Jackson and Devo dropping acid and going to Bollywood, you don’t need to watch it.

  • This speaks for itself. Enjoy the nightmares.

    • Where did my video go? It worked in the preview…

      I was trying to embed this: