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i thought I was done.

But, as i looked over the final chapter of The Forked Tongue, I saw it was not complete- it was still in cribbed seminar shorthand, with text copied from the Mindfucks chapter. I need to do a rewrite of Chapter 6.


Still- I am at 25,000 + words and am damn close to finishing the first draft. I think it’s good, and I think it will make an impact. It’s worth doing, and worth doing right.

OK- back to work.

  • That is awesome…not not being done…but feeling so good about what you ARE doing…

    I know you probably have 2 trillion offers…but if you would like a proofreader type person – I would be happy to volunteer…I have done many types of proofing/communications work for a variety of audiences and won’t feel a need to try to ‘edit’ in my own versions.

    I will look forward to reading it in its final form…

    regards –