Paging Dr. House….

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It’s not that bad, it’s just frustrating how long it took to figure out.

Part of the joy of the whole “no kidneys” thing is itching and blemishes when my phosphorus level gets too high. Over the past few months it’s gotten worse- and when i told the doctors, that’s what they addressed. With no useful results.

Finally, I pestered them enough for another answer- so when they checked my hyperthyroid readings, they were so goddamn high i could have been hospitalized for a near fatal chemical imbalance.

Which would have been a nice “I told you so”, but I might not have been in any position to relish it.

So, there’s a change in my meds to deal with it, and thus I will:
 A: Not die, and B: Get a break from all this goddamn itching and blemishes. Gah.

:scratch, scratch, scratch, growl:

  • I grew out my nails.


    (Because from NC, that’s obviously so fucking useful.)

    Glad the figuring out will help/make it bettah!

  • I’m looking forward to being there and helping scratch for you.

    Bravo for you, for not letting the doctors off the hook, and forcing them to listen to you. I’m sorry it took so long to get them to listen.

  • Jeez — glad they got that fixed. “I Told You So,” while being a fine epitaph, is not one I care to see on *your* headstone. (And now, I’m in mind of all sorts of other epitaphs: “Stupid Doctors” is one; possibly also “Side Effects Occur in Less Than 2% Of Users”.)