Dental Hijinx

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So, I look like a Little Rascals sight gag.

Long overdue dental overtures have begun- I’ll be presentable in a couple of weeks,  but at the moment… well, my lisp is almost as amusing as my smile.  Such as it is.
In the meantime, I’m going to find me a rocking chair an a porch an’ a jug o’ hooch anna’ ol’ hound dawg, to complete the look… Cuz’ if you are gonna make a statement, you should take it all the way.

:spits blood:

  • I’ve got that to look forward to a week on Friday.

    I’m supposed to be in court a week later. As the key witness for the prosecution.

    That’ll be fun.

  • Alternately, you could paint your face orange.

    (I’m trying to help. Really. I’m just not very good at it.)

    • In what way would that help?

      (I think this is a joke that depends on exposure to some cultural reference and I’ve missed out on that exposure.)

  • i tried the orange face thing…

    but the candle kept burning the roof of my mouth.

    (Sam: Jack- O- Lanterns… carved gap tooth pumpkins, set out to be smashed by vandals and rot in the street in late october)

    • Re: i tried the orange face thing…


      The gap-toothed pumpkin is for kiddies. We adults are much more creative. I once did a clown and scared myself with it.

      In Scotland it’s traditional to carve neeps. None of your soft southern squash here!

  • You would fit right in down in Dixie. I can just hear you channeling Squidbillies for full effect.