Walking like hammers….

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i got out to a friend’s birthday gathering last night. I was walking a little further, a little longer, a little straighter. I had not gone all out, but I had some of my favorite clothes and silver, and was among some of my favorite people.

I felt adorned.

I had utterly forgotten how much I like to make an impression, an impact. How vain I really am. I’ve spent so much time dressed like an invalid in sweats and tees, ashamed of my limp and cane, that I had simply forgotten how much looking good rocks.

Some purchases were made today to continue to correct this problem. Fuck this. Time to start burning shit down again.

"It’s the wallet that says "Bad Motherfucker" on it." – Jules, Pulp Fiction
Pretty, pretty...’ – Frank Booth, Blue Velvet

PS: Tell me this is not the baddest thing ever. I must own this.