Sacred Pilgrimage

For my animal’s birthday, we have scrounged a trip to Vegas- that’s what’s been keeping me going through the first long-ass month at the job.

We are away tomorrow. It’s a good, good thing.

Highlights include:

Meeting z111 for the first time.
Meeting up with my wise and savage compadre, The Silverback.
Being in Vegas for Hunter Thompson’s birthday alongside said Silverback. “Despite his racial handicap, this man is very important to me“. Circus Circus, dressed up like human peacocks. Bad Craziness.
My intended Magical Misery Tour – I intend to hit every pawnshop I see, and sip the delicate cream which rises to the top of huiman suffering.
A stay with my animal at the Mirage, it’s pool, and it’s gigantic fucking volcano- so huge you can feel the heat across four lanes of traffic.
Four days off work.
Cirque d’ Solieil.
Seeing Vegas again without being deathly ill.
Dinner at Emeril’s, and trying to make my money back at the bellagio Dinner Buffet- Prime rib and sashimi ’till they cart me to the hospital.
My first real vacation, with my animal leashed in tow.

I’ll post updates as things happen.


3 responses to “Sacred Pilgrimage”

  1. Have an absolutely fantastic time!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    When you get back drop me a note if you have a chance. Trying to coordinate some things I need to do in NYC in August and hoping that I can see you and yours when there.

    And if you don’t mind please pass a long a happy birthday with to your animal for me ๐Ÿ™‚ May this just be one of many more to come.

  2. Have a Great Trip

    No city is like Vegas – to me its #2 after NYC. I only wish it wasn’t 6 hours away.

    We were there last year around this time – be ready for the heat, and if anyone tells you its a dry heat, just smack them – we were there it was 117 deg and thats hot, wet or dry.

    – Ken