Here She Comes

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Ioday is the second of my commercial seminars- The first was Mindfucks for Fun and Profit, today is Conditioning for Fun and Profit, and next month will be Structure and Protocol for Fun and Profit. They are extensions of my previous seminars- 2 hour blocks- and geared towards the Pro Domme audience. Pros have all the guidance they can, well, shake a stick at in regards to physical techniques- but not a lot of help where the greatest demands seem to be- psyche play. So I’ve found a starting venue in what I am hoping will become a profitable side business. Bitch Goddess Consultant.

I got 10 or 12 paying attendees last time, and I think I’ll get a better crowd this time around. Jere’s hoping this works… I am already talking with a few pros about talking to their Houses, helping create House styles…. and finally putting myself on the Pro Domme food chain where I belong…

at the top.

Well, a girl’s gotta dream, no?