The Men’s Group

In The Doubtful Guest by flagg25 Comments

I am more and more pleased with the evolution of the Men’s Group at TES.

When I first took it over, it was an afterthought, and a catch-all for lonely, dispossed TES members with nothing better to do. Four, five attendees at most. Soon it was thriving, with up to twenty men in atttendance at a time… and genuine discussions of relevance happening. The first time a woman walked into the room, and all conversation came to a sudden, stilly halt, I knew we had created something. But Lone-wolf and I had taken it as far as we could.

Enter Sweetcandymike, who co-facilitates with me. With his help and input, we have moved even further. There is a good right-brain/ left-brain dynamic at work; our strengths seem to compliment each other, and I take great pleasure in working together with my peers, spending time with them. An evening with Sweetcandymike and Lone_wolf is always time well spent, that is no surprise to me; but the fact that I am feeling a kinship bond form with the Men’s Group as a whole- that comes as a great surprise.

There is a pack dynamic slowly forming here, based in a unity and commonality not designated by personality or common interest, but instinct. I was never an enthusiast for “gender-safe space”, but when we went to the Eagle, surrounded by men of every discription and no feminine presence at all, I felt oddly soothed- safe, at home. When a woman did walk through, my hackles shot up- I would happily have helped throw her off the roof, if a mob had surged forward to do it. No malice, just a sense of intrusion.

Cigars, beer, pack and peers, and a great summer night. Next time, I’m getting my hair cut. And there will be a next time. Fantastic idea, Mike. Perfect.