Because Monkeys Love buttons

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After all the drama of Saturday, Monday was a welcome change. After dialysis I made my way into the city and spent the day in
Central Park in good company- some of my favorite people were there; and I met a couple of new ones, some of who I really took to.
Most of all, it was peaceful. I was not at my best, but once I arrived, I realized I did not have to be. No performance necessary – it was cool just to lie there quietly on the grass and chill if I wanted- no demands from anybody.  I  am really grateful for time like that- it’s a interpersonal chemistry event akin to alchemy, and about as common.

I also have to extend further gratitude to our hosts, Lonewolf_and_cub; not only did they put together this idyllic diversion, they were watching out for me. They saw I was not in top form, and unobtrusively made sure I had what I needed and was taken care of. Not making a big thing of it, but there nonetheless. Thank you for that, both of you.