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Back from the hospital, with some alterations….

So two weeks ago I noticed some signs of infection in my right foot. This is the sort of thing I am supposed to be vigilant about, so I immediately got to the doctor, who bounced me to the hospital.

Last time this had happened, I got antibiotic treatments- which were hellish, even with help. Seems that when I fell ill a couple of weeks ago, that old dormant infection flared up, deep inside my foot. They went in and took a look around, and I was offered two options- six weeks of home IV’s, or surgery. I opted for surgery, as the home IV stuff is debilitating and complicated even with help- on my own, it would be a nightmare. Plus, I wanted this over with.

As it turned out, this was the correct choice. Deep in the foot, infection had gotten a deeper root than they expected. ( The word “mushy” was used.) By exising it now, I pretty much saved my foot. I have gracefully parted with one infected bone and my little toe on my right foot- which I as of yet do not at all miss. I am home now, and looking at a short and controllable recovery, burdened only by the inconveniences of gimping. Asd an added bonus, niether of my feet have ulcers now, for the first time in a long time. My foot , if anything, looks slightly streamlined. I am considering racing stripes and a spoiler.

All in all, a superior trade.