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Monday was, as I have mentioned, a horrifying clusterfuck. This AM started pretty poorly, too. However, one staff meeting, one doctor consultation,  some sushi, and one yelled-at nurse later, equilibrium has returned.

So, I wanted to address this weekend. It went nothing like I expected- but went well in a few surprising ways. Saturday, Soulhuntre came and spent the day with me, which is always a good use of time. We were joined by Irishlass, and whiled away the day pretty pleasantly. 

Sunday brought the return of Irishlass, bearing gifts. She whirlwinded in and out, and my standard of living improved as a result. later that evening, I was surprised by Sweetcandymike, and some long overdue conversation. Both of these people are aquaintances who are fast becoming friends, and I am the better for knowing them. 

So all things considered, a fuckhole Monday is not too high priced a check to pay for a good weekend.

I have a phone number now, so i am not utterly isolated until the cell dilemma is resolved, though I have limited ability to call out. Things will be okay. 

And I don’t think that nurse is going to be stupid enough to cross me again.