feelin’ kinda poorly today,,,

… but getting the following fom a friend was cheering:

“I was mentioning at a birthday party over the weekend that you’d
written a story that was recently published in Heavy Metal.  My friend
Andrew said that he had a subscription, and asked what story you’d
written.  “Family Man,” I said.  He looked thoughtful, but couldn’t
quite place it.  I then said “The baby needs changing,” which jogged
memory.  A look of horror chased the thoughtfulness off his face, and
just said “Oh!  Right!  God!”



4 responses to “feelin’ kinda poorly today,,,”

  1. speaking of that issue – are you willing to autograph copies thereof for your adoring fans?

    as opposed to your abhorring fans…

  2. Better than last night –

    but today has been pretty poor.

    Found myself cracking round the edges.

  3. Re: Better than last night –

    Edges are frangible, numinous and ever-changing.

    You came to my house — or, rather, my parents’ house, which was rather larger even than it is. I don’t think you looked like what you really look like. It was winter, cold, and you arrived long after dark. I had to go out onto the street to meet you because you could not find us.

    At least you found yourself. That means there was something to find.