Not soon enough

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So- I’ve contacted The Swamp Witch, and shortly she’ll be coming north to get her medical workup done. Provided there are no hangups, we schedule surgery ASAP. I’m very impatient- not just to be well, but to have her here, to offset the isolation, stress and pain with the company of someone I love and trust. I’ve spent today crawling the walls, wrestling with vicious back pain and my two most common uninvited guests, boredom and depression.

But the fact is, things are happening. And It’s within my power to keep them happening. I hurt because I pushed myself, and I have not been doing enough of that; hiding from pain and exhaustion instead of paying them as the necessary due of recovery. Everybody pays. Some things just cost more than you think.

But considering the things I do get; the cost is not really that high at all.

I just wish I could speed it all up.