Put It Down And Walk Away

Put it down and walk away.

This book is not comforting; it does not reassure. It does not teach anything a decent person needs to know. It is a book about BDSM, but it will teach you nothing about tying knots, swinging floggers or spanking. It does not attempt to reach the vanilla public.

This book addresses control, it addresses change. The recreational uses of humiliation, conditioning, psychological torture, hypnotism and interrogation techniques are explored and laid bare, broken into usable steps and understandable, applicable concepts. It is a workshop of ruin, the tools necessary to cement lasting alteration and unforgettable experiences for those few who truly crave them.

From The Forked Tongue:

“This is not a 101 or “BDSM for everyone”. Actually, this is not really for anyone.

Most of the things that are in this book I cannot sanction anyone doing to anyone else. Except, of course, that we do, and we will, and we want to. So here are tools to do them well, to do them ethically, and to enact your own, terrible sacraments. We seek to ascend, so we descend.

I called this book a mixed message, a perverse architecture, and so it is. The keystone of this edifice is inscribed with the heart of all these chapters, these words cut at cross-purpose:

 â€œHere is something you should never do to anyone.
And here is exactly how to do it to someone you care about

 (back cover text)


Available as of TES Fest, July 4, and through online book retail.

Yippee kai yay, motherfucker.


14 responses to “Put It Down And Walk Away”

  1. I am so in on this. Thank you for avoiding the “Oh and we hope everyone will take and learn for this and hold hands and sing kumbaya” dogma.

    Can’t wait to read it

  2. Oh, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be signing a copy for me at TES Fest. My bookshelf has been waiting for your name to sit within.

  3. That’s wonderful! Please let me know if/when I can copy your post and put a promo for your book on my LJ.

    And a special, “Thank you”. I share the same thought as bootpig.

  4. that is so f***ing amazing….but you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

    How/where can those of us who are not fortunate enough to be able to attend TESFest obtain a copy?

    and will you be offering a way for us deprived persons to have it autographed?

    I am so down-in-my-soul pleased for you.

    heartfelt regards…we will drink to you from the mountains.

  5. Save me a copy for purchase and don’t wear out your signin’ hand till mine’s inscribed. And of course, though I see it’s late..The happiest of birthday’s bud. -Mike

  6. I posted the news on Kimiko Dreams and Power In Practice. 🙂

    Like the cover you chose. 🙂

  7. Congratulations. I would also like to purchase a copy and if I can get it signed as well that would be truly great.

  8. Wow, the cover looks amazing! Can’t wait to get my own copy (and have the author sign it, of course).