For Chang

Look.. I thought of you….. and thinking of you brought me to this:

Love,  Eng


2 responses to “For Chang”

  1. This probably says a lot about me

    When I was a little girl I had things under my bed. One of them was a Norse trickster god who liked telling me stories of a nature that little girls nowadays would not be allowed to hear.

    I look at the second picture you have there and my first thought is “Awwww. He looks wuvly. I’ll bet he’s got great big eyes and great big teeth and that fur looks really soft. Much better than that crappy teddy bear. That little girl should count herself damn lucky to have something that big and furry under her bed. It’ll keep the clowns out.”

  2. Good times.

    I’ve been having dreams that don’t really make sense to me, but might to you about brick walls and staircases. Trying to tear down brick walls. A wrecked cage with nobody inside.

    For no apparent reason that I can think of, I feel you on the tip of my tongue and under my skin lately. Or perhaps it is Miss P.

    It’s nice.

    I don’t really know. I don’t really care either. It’s nice.