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I had one hell of an amazing weekend. I don’t know where to begin. So we’ll start at the end, and work our way back.

Exhausted? Sure. Sore? Sure. Sick?


Three days of exertion and activity in an outside environment for the first time since I left the arms of Mother Geriatrica, and I am doing great. Even meds, controlled fluids, stable blood sugar, all the way through. Perfect.

My job was Head of Safety, running a staff of DM’s to keep any monkeys from killing each other. It was arranged in a clear hierarchy, with Quin and his girl Brooke at my right hand. Along with Colin of Rapture NYC, they went above and beyond expectations, handling every contingency with sound judgement and firm command of the staff and occasional drunk or putz. No deaths, no accidents, no incidents, and a lot of clear thinking and responsive action. I had an incredible team, a team I could trust, and I thank them. I especially have to thank Quin again for picking up the slack when I was fading. You, Sir, are fuckin’ gold.

I taught two seminars- Life, Death and Edgeplay on my own, and the condensed Core Protocol Seminar with the hammer and anvil of Power in Practice, Daddy David and Soulhuntre. Both lectures were well attended, well received, and according to what people had to say after, applicable and useful in their lives. Bullseye.

I had my book signing for The Forked Tongue, and by the end of the weekend had sold out of copies. It was a real pleasure to go out on the patio for lunch and see people here and there reading my work. Much to my delight, I also heard my first complaint about it – someone was griping to a friend of mine “Look at this language! I mean, who talks like that?” Her answer: “He does. He speaks exactly like that.” So shove it, thumbfoot. Buy a dictionary.

I played. For the first time in years, I played. Mistress Ardenne of Rapture NYC and I spent some quality time with the lovely and graceful Coraline… really, I did nothing. Just talked to her. Quietly. In her ear. Asked a few questions. Slowly pouring my honeyed poison in her head, occasionally making a point with a straight razor or Mistress Ardenne’s none too gentle reminders to pay close attention. I talked, I whispered, I crawled inside. I showed the face beneath the skin… just a little. She cried. I was happy.

Most importantly were the pack. Ken Soulhuntre made the whole thing possible, and I had the pleasure of working closely with him as he ran Security while I ran Safety. His girls, Tatsumi and Kimiko were there, and I had the joy of not only working as a team with Kimiko as well, but watching her kick some ass on the wrestling mats and get a little time to play among the freaks. Lone Wolf  (AKA Daddy David) and NJ Lexi were there, swamped with work but still able to make an appearance and spend some time. The icing on it for me, however, were my oldest friend Danz, my Pixie Tink and my boy Andersen– three of the most important people in my life, who I do not get to spend enough time with. These times- and the efforts put in by each of them to attend and assist- were precious to me beyond measure.

And an unexpected present from an unexpected source. Thank you, man.

Jules: “I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet. “
Pumpkin: “Which one is it? “
Jules: “It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker .”