There is a space…

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… next to my bed, where my Animal used to sleep.

We talked tonight, for the first time in… whenever. Not exchanged news and pleasantries, we’ve done that. We said things that had been hanging unsaid. She made me laugh. She made me miss her. She made me fondly relive some of the best things about us, the best times we had together, the best things that we were.

And we accepted where we are now.

I have regret. I have pride. I have a deep and abiding glow deep in me remembering the best, acknowledging the worst, and just, finally, being ourselves.

From all over my life faraway signals have come, telling me that they can feel me, that when I woke again they knew it. Some from far, far away. Some I’ve never met.

But they all missed me, they all welcomed me back. And so did she.

Tonight I can look at that space by my bed, and be at peace.

Goodnight, Animal.
Pleasant dreams.