Flattery will get you everywhere

This makes me very happy.


5 responses to “Flattery will get you everywhere”

  1. If you asked Me the first time I remember talking to you, I could tell you exactly but what I remember most is the silver tips on your boots and wondering to Myself if you kicked people with them. I answered My own question with an affirmative nod of My own head. The next time I spoke to you it was in a circle at TES and I wanted to rip your head off.. lol

    After that, it was all fantasy. You are one of the few Men that appeal to the little girl side of Me so I conjure You often either in My writing or My fantasies.

    It’s all fantasy of course, like the precious one in this story you scare the hell out of Me and unlike her, I could never play on your playground. I sure like thinking about it though.

    Kiss kiss,

  2. Reading this pleases me greatly and stirs up memories of our time together. I’m glad you are still scaring the fuck out of everyone and couldn’t help but to laugh the entire time I read her post.