Xmas joy redux

From The Twelve Terrors of Xmas, by John Updike, illustrated by Edward Gorey:

3: Santas Helpers

Again, what’s really going on? Why do these purported elves submit to sweatshop conditions in what must be one of the gloomiest climates in the world, unless they are getting something out of it at our expense? Underclass masochism one day, bloody rebellion the next. The rat-a-tat-tat of tiny hammers may just be the beginning.

That, and two new, gleaming, wickedly sharp, spring – loaded implements of joy and dubious legality (but quite certain lethality) bring a smile to my face… and like the man says:

"Why so serious?"

Ho Ho Ho.


2 responses to “Xmas joy redux”

  1. I’m figgerin’ that the elves are specifically bred (and judging by the quality of much of today’s lame toys, probably inbred) as Santa’s live, crash-test dummies.
    nyuk, nyuk, nyuk