Walking like hammers….

i got out to a friend’s birthday gathering last night. I was walking a little further, a little longer, a little straighter. I had not gone all out, but I had some of my favorite clothes and silver, and was among some of my favorite people.

I felt adorned.

I had utterly forgotten how much I like to make an impression, an impact. How vain I really am. I’ve spent so much time dressed like an invalid in sweats and tees, ashamed of my limp and cane, that I had simply forgotten how much looking good rocks.

Some purchases were made today to continue to correct this problem. Fuck this. Time to start burning shit down again.

"It’s the wallet that says "Bad Motherfucker" on it." – Jules, Pulp Fiction
Pretty, pretty...’ – Frank Booth, Blue Velvet

PS: Tell me this is not the baddest thing ever. I must own this.


2 responses to “Walking like hammers….”

  1. I remember the first time I saw you. My eyes saw your boots first. There was silver at the ends and something about the way you held yourself that just drew Me. I just let My eyes travel up your leg and to My surprise, when I got to the face, the eyes were looking right at Me.

    I remember biting My bottom lip to keep a full grin from spreading across My face.

    I couldn’t get up cuz I was trying to hide the fact that I was stuck in Jack’s ball and chain and didn’t want him to make a deal of it. I had to get jason to help Me out of it quietly.. lol

    I’m glad to see you have decided to take back that part of you that likes to strut his stuff. It’ll be good for you… and the rest of Us too.

    kiss kiss

  2. just my two cents…but it is far creepier/ominous to hear footsteps echoing down a corridor with the hesitation of a limp coupled with the tap of a cane – and it makes you wonder about the cane itself…and the owner of the limp…how much force of personality he must contain to say ‘f*** the pain, I will do what I damn well want – this is evidence of living, living in spite of everything” it makes the very act of walking a declaration of force of will and character.
    Personally, I go for the limping bikers with canes who have evidence of life over the untested and most likely uninteresting.
    Add to that your inimitable force of personality and determination – and suddenly that definitive gait and accoutrements are now compelling pieces of an already mesmeric person.
    …and thank you, hearing that echoing click, tap, slide – click, tap, slide in my head has inspired a writing project.
    warm regards!