So… TES.

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For just about twenty years, give or take, TES has been a fundamental part of my life. When my health began to fail, i was at the heart of my involvement – presiding officer of the BOD, with Board members I had genuine regard and high hopes for. There was, for the most part, real teamwork and a pretty unified drive by hardworking people to make things better.

But my body betrayed me, and I spent more and more time away from a place and community i had worked hard to put my mark on, to improve and help grow. Eventually, I could not do it anymore. My health, my medication, my stamina, my liberty, all these things were so terribly compromised. The men who succeeded me – Sweetcandymike and Naylandblake are both worthy and capable men, so i felt, that in that respect at least,  TES was in good hands.

I’m stronger now, more whole and alive than I’ve been in years. I miss a lot about TES. I am thinking of trying to make the effort to reconnect with my lost roots, reintroduce myself to a body which may not know me at all, to faces I may not recognize, to a place which has changed in ways I don’t know and may not understand.

Is anybody still out there? Anyone left? Is there anything there? Has it grown? Died? Changed?  Flourished?

It’s going to have a price to do this; everything always does – is it a price worth paying?