So… TES.

For just about twenty years, give or take, TES has been a fundamental part of my life. When my health began to fail, i was at the heart of my involvement – presiding officer of the BOD, with Board members I had genuine regard and high hopes for. There was, for the most part, real teamwork and a pretty unified drive by hardworking people to make things better.

But my body betrayed me, and I spent more and more time away from a place and community i had worked hard to put my mark on, to improve and help grow. Eventually, I could not do it anymore. My health, my medication, my stamina, my liberty, all these things were so terribly compromised. The men who succeeded me – Sweetcandymike and Naylandblake are both worthy and capable men, so i felt, that in that respect at least,  TES was in good hands.

I’m stronger now, more whole and alive than I’ve been in years. I miss a lot about TES. I am thinking of trying to make the effort to reconnect with my lost roots, reintroduce myself to a body which may not know me at all, to faces I may not recognize, to a place which has changed in ways I don’t know and may not understand.

Is anybody still out there? Anyone left? Is there anything there? Has it grown? Died? Changed?  Flourished?

It’s going to have a price to do this; everything always does – is it a price worth paying?


2 responses to “So… TES.”

  1. I don’t know whether “it’s worth it” or not…and would never assume to speak to that, anyway. I can say, however, that regardless of your perspective, I see you as a mentor and role model and pray, daily, that you will return.
    Even given my role in TES Fest 2009, I see it as a temporary fill-in, and fully anticipate you returning to your prior position the next time TF rolls around.
    Even still, regardless of that, I still hope you’ll show brooke and I “your” Coney Island…just tell me when.
    Looking forward to being around you again, soon,
    Quin and brooke

  2. TES is never without it’s problems, but chugs merrily along. The faces change, but the people stay the same mostly. That said, it was always a whole lot more interesting (and fun) when you were around. ๐Ÿ™‚