Fragile Creatures

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The script is finished, and the artist I am working with is amazing. We are working closely and addressing publishing options. It is critical that this be right.

Fragile Creatures

Which is a tale in six parts, of uncertain morality and dubious intent

This is not a celebration or a condemnation. Those who find such things within these covers are, in fact, terribly and tragically misguided.

Pauci es servo , infinitus magis es damno;

Illic est non satis salus praecessi inter

For Lili

Alas, I appear to have run out of red candy.

This is a “bucket list project I have been wrestling with for more than a decade. I finally lived enough to finish it. I hope it sees print soon… because “lIlic est non satis salus praecessi inter”

But you know that.